Case Study : Consumer Goods Software Implementation

Problem Statement:

Our project aimed to deploy a customized software solution addressing the specific needs of our Consumer Goods/Retail Industry client. With the client’s business divided into Consumer Products and Professional Products units, responsible for all operations in India, and further segmented into various divisions, the challenge lay in consolidating operations for seamless management. Before our intervention, reliance on an offline system led to issues such as disparate login credentials, lack of real-time stock visibility, back-order billing challenges, and inaccuracies in incentives and scheme distribution.

  • Our Consumer Goods/Retail Industry client faced challenges stemming from outdated software systems.
  • Disparate login credentials, lack of real-time stock visibility, and back-order billing issues hindered operational efficiency.
  • Inaccuracies in incentives and scheme distribution further exacerbated the situation.
  • The client’s business structure, divided into Consumer Products and Professional Products units, posed additional complexities
  • These obstacles impeded the client’s ability to streamline production, optimize inventory management, and ensure traceability.
  • With various divisions under each unit, consolidating operations for seamless management became a significant challenge.
  • The need for a tailored software solution to address these specific challenges and enhance overall operational efficiency was paramount.

Solution Provided

Dealermatix collaborated closely to devise and deploy a robust Dealer Management System encompassing:

Sales Management Module

  • Simplified user experience with a single login for all divisions, boosting efficiency.
  • Bulk conversion of orders to invoices based on customizable filters for quick processing.
  • Real-time monitoring of schemes and incentives ensures accurate benefits
  • Simultaneous generation of multiple invoice prints streamlines administrative tasks.

Inventory Management System

  • Real-time inventory calculation maintains optimal stock levels for transactions.
  • Centralized inventory tracking prevents stockouts or overstocking, enhancing efficiency.
  • Alerts for users missing stock counts ensure timely updates.
  • Automated reorder alerts and supplier management streamline procurement.

Custom Reporting and Analytics

  • Customizable dashboards offer actionable insights into production, inventory, and resource utilization..
  • Comprehensive scheme utilization monitoring with 360-degree scheme monitors./li>
  • Advanced analytics identify trends, patterns, and optimization opportunities.

Traceability and Compliance Module

  • End-to-end product traceability ensures regulatory compliance.
  • Simplified claims management with configured approvals and checklists.
  • Flagging of duplicate accounts/salespersons and inactive accounts
  • Lot tracking and batch management enhance product traceability and recall.
  • Audit trails and documentation features facilitate compliance with standards.

Implementation Process:

  • Discovery & Requirements Gathering: Conducted workshops and interviews with stakeholders to understand needs..
  • Solution Design & Development: Developed tailored software based on requirements and industry standards..
  • Testing & Quality Assurance: Ensured reliability, scalability, and security through rigorous testing.
  • Deployment & Training: Implemented software and provided comprehensive training.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Offered continuous support, maintenance, and updates.


  • Streamlined production processes, resulting in real time scheme and Incentive Calculations.
  • Optimized inventory management, leading to better stock management and decrease in stockouts.
  • Decreased claim processing time.
  • Improved traceability and compliance, enabling the client to meet regulatory requirements and achieve industry certifications.
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities with real-time reporting and analytics


The deployment of our custom software solution has revolutionized our Consumer Goods/Retail Industry client’s operations, empowering them to enhance efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in the market. By effectively addressing their unique challenges and requirements, we’ve underscored our commitment to delivering innovative and impactful solutions that drive tangible business results.