Dealermatix Elevates Global Presence at Sydney World Tour, Australia, with Salesforce

Dealermatix recently took center stage, unveiling cutting-edge Salesforce modules that are reshaping customer relationship management and business operations.

The event served as a global innovation hub, showcasing Salesforce’s AI prowess and workflow solutions. Attendees engaged with top Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners, exploring a diverse array of solutions and integrations.

Through interactive demos and discussions, participants gained valuable insights into driving innovation and efficiency within their organizations. This networking powerhouse facilitated meaningful connections among industry professionals worldwide, elevating brand visibility and fostering collaboration.

For attendees, it wasn’t just about technology—it was a chance to showcase expertise on a global platform and drive brand recognition. In a world increasingly shaped by technology, events like these remind us of its power to unite and inspire toward a brighter future.

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Explosive Demand! Indian Businesses Embrace Tech with Dealermatix at Salesforce World Tour, India

In a groundbreaking move, Salesforce, the global CRM leader, brought its highly anticipated World Tour to Mumbai, India, captivating business leaders and tech enthusiasts.

The event witnessed the unveiling of Salesforce’s latest innovation—the Supply Chain Module—set to revolutionize logistics operations in India’s rapidly growing economy.

Attendees experienced captivating demos showcasing the module’s full capabilities, from real-time inventory tracking to predictive analytics. Beyond product demonstrations, the event offered a unique platform for businesses to engage directly with Salesforce experts, discussing specific needs and challenges.

Enthusiastic attendees eagerly explored the Supply Chain Module’s potential, expressing keen interest in driving efficiency and unlocking growth opportunities.